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PcR fX FAQ about PCR Oil aka CBD Oil

  • How much PcRfX Oil should I take? 
    Recommended Dosage for PcRfX Oil for a new user is approximately .5mg / 10lb of body weight, .25mg /10lb body weight for those under 16 years of age
  • Is PCR Oil Hemp Oil? 

PcR Stands for PhytoCannabioid Rich Hemp Extract. We use what we've found to be not a full spectrum but a Perfect Spectrum™ of cannabinoids and contains none of the unwanted cannabinoids such as THC nor does it contain any plant material. We like to refer to our product as the sophisticated mans choice of PCR Oil. 

  • Does Pcr fX Contain THC?
No, none of our products contain thc nor do they cause any psychoactive effects known to be caused from thc. Our products are designed to take a all natural method at targeting a long list of ailments that the FDA prevents us from discussing. 
  • Where can I Purchase PCR fX? 

We specifically designed our brand for the major online marketplaces such as Wish, Amazon, and possibly Wal Mart Marketplace. We were careful to stay within their respective guidelines while branding our products. You may purchase any PCR fX product from one of the previously mentioned marketplace of your own personal choice. 

  • Can I buy PCR fX Wholesale? 
We accept serious wholesale orders of $10,000+ minimum. If you are interested please contact us.